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We love Enterprise Software. More specifically, we love investing in software solutions that help enterprises modernize their businesses and run them more effectively and efficiently. We also love investing in founding teams who have a deep personal passion for solving complicated problems in important industries. Fortunately for us, we found exactly this combination in Medlert (

David Emanuel, Medlert’s CEO and co-founder, started thinking about ways to modernize the ambulance industry when a relative of his was stranded after a car accident. He believed that there was a better way for emergency responders to leverage the proliferation of smartphones to drive faster response times and improve the quality of care. After a year of market research and experimentation with a few potential business models, he and CTO/co-founder Ernest Semerda realized that the best way to start modernizing the industry was to help the ambulance companies manage their non-emergency (aka non-emergent) transport ordering process.

There are over 40 million non-emergent medical transports each year in the USA alone, serviced by over 7000 independent ambulance companies. Assuming an average value of $1000 per transport (which is on the conservative side), that is $40 billion of economic activity spread across a broad base of providers. The market is big and fragmented, perfect for technology disruption.

Ernest had experience building robust and massively scalable systems at (IPO in 2014) and knew that he could develop the right system for this marketplace as well. The team got to work in late 2013 and worked closely with a few potential customers to develop an MVP of their first product, Medlert Connect.

Medlert Connect, is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform for scheduling non-emergent medical transports from any smartphone, tablet, or a desktop. It helps ambulance companies improve patient care, efficiency, capacity planning and billing/collections. The Connect platform launched in the summer of 2014 and usage has been scaling rapidly ever since. It is now used by almost 200 medical facilities including Sutter, Dignity and Emory and transport volume in May 2015 will be up almost fivefold since January 2015.

Since Connect’s launch less than a year ago, Medlert has rolled out two additional new products to help ambulance companies. Earlier today, the team released Medlert Responder, a mobile app that offers the first all-in-one solution that allows ambulance crews to capture patient safety and quality measures, use voice-over navigation and real-time traffic routing, share accurate ETAs with healthcare facilities, provide speeding alerts and detect crashes.

The Responder release comes quickly after the team’s April 2015 release of Medlert Eligibility, a software tool that helps ambulance providers instantly verify customer demographics and billing information either up front or after an ambulance transport.

The development velocity that has enabled Medlert to continue enhancing the platform to support their growing customer needs is, we think, a testament to the passion and ingenuity of the team. And their commitment to their customers has allowed them to partner with some of the largest ambulance companies in the country in just a short period of time.

As Medlert continues to establish their place in the market, they will also be positioned to address a number of other shifts that we see happening in the healthcare technology industry. For example, as a HIPAA-compliant scheduling platform, Medlert Connect’s capacity to streamline scheduling, billing, eligibility and (soon) claims processing could be readily applied in a Mobile Integrated Health program. Particularly with high-risk patients, scheduling a follow-up home visit at discharge could avoid future readmissions.  

We are excited about the innovations that Medlert is bringing to the emergency transport industry, and for the ambulance companies who will use these new tools to improve the quality of care that millions of patients receive.  We see a bright future ahead for Medlert and we are proud to be partners with them.


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