How to Hire

Originally published on Medium by Henry Ward, Founder & CEO of eShares. Below is an excerpt from a talk I gave at the eShares Town Hall in November 2015. I hope it is helpful to other CEOs struggling with hiring. TLDR Hiring Principles: Hiring… Read more »


2016: The Year of the Business of Health

Originally published at on January 7th, 2016 by Lisa Maki, CEO & Co-Founder of PokitDok. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, put healthcare under a microscope with its relentless focus on higher quality care at a lower cost…. Read more »


The Subtraction Capital Investing Thesis

At Subtraction Capital, we invest in companies we would work for. Literally, if the fund did not exist tomorrow, Jason or I (usually both though) need to be able to say that we would be totally excited about being an employee at… Read more »


Horses Dressing Up as Unicorns for Halloween

Trick or Treat! Really the horses have been dressing up as Unicorns for a while, but Halloween just seems like a fun day to call out the emperor’s clothes for the costumes they are in many cases. Since @AileenLee @CowboyVC coined the… Read more »


Birds and Turtles

I am a very visual thinker, so I like to organize the world into visual paradigms. Conceptually, I bucket two main kinds of venture capital funds, birds and turtles. Both have been around for a long long time, both can point at… Read more »


Tertiary Market?

Read time = < 2 minutes What happens when primary and secondary buyers of late stage private companies want to start selling out of their positions? Many of them are sitting on huge unrealized gains. Unrealized gains are great, but eventually they… Read more »


Subtraction = Growth

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free – Michelangelo We are often asked why we named the firm Subtraction Capital vs a more typical name like Thermo-Nuclear Capital, “Blowin’ Stuff Up”. “I thought you were supposed… Read more »


Enabling the Future of Medical Transport

We love Enterprise Software. More specifically, we love investing in software solutions that help enterprises modernize their businesses and run them more effectively and efficiently. We also love investing in founding teams who have a deep personal passion for solving complicated problems… Read more »


IPO is not a Four Letter Word

In late December 2014 I was talking on the phone with the CEO of one of our promising portfolio companies. During that conversation I began to sense that he believed his company value would cap out in the several-hundred-million-dollars range, and that… Read more »


1st Person-a

The use of personas for user experience design is widely regarded as a best practice and widely adopted in tech world. Designing for an archetype customer yields more usable and effective interfaces than other methods. In my memory, Alan Cooper labeled it and defined… Read more »


The Rising Tide

We’ve all heard the saying “A rising tide lifts all boats”. What I’m thinking about lately is the rising tide of startups that are all competing with each other for scarce resources (talent and capital, mostly). I’m seeing an interesting effect in… Read more »


Saas at Last for Messaging

For 15 years I ran technology product, design, and marketing teams, and every time I changed companies I had to build two things: a messaging platform and an A-B testing engine. Regardless of the vertical my company was attacking, we always needed… Read more »


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