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How to Hire

Originally published on Medium by Henry Ward, Founder & CEO of eShares. Below is an excerpt from a talk I gave at the eShares Town Hall in November 2015. I hope it is helpful to other CEOs struggling with hiring. TLDR Hiring Principles: Hiring… Read more »

2016: The Year of the Business of Health

Originally published at on January 7th, 2016 by Lisa Maki, CEO & Co-Founder of PokitDok. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, put healthcare under a microscope with its relentless focus on higher quality care at a lower cost…. Read more »

The Subtraction Capital Investing Thesis

At Subtraction Capital, we invest in companies we would work for.  Literally, if the fund did not exist tomorrow, Jason or I (usually both though) need to be able to say that we would be totally excited about being an employee at… Read more »

Horses Dressing Up as Unicorns for Halloween

Trick or Treat! Really the horses have been dressing up as Unicorns for a while, but Halloween just seems like a fun day to call out the emperor’s clothes for the costumes they are in many cases. Since @AileenLee @CowboyVC coined the… Read more »